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 meet savanna


Welcome to my little corner of the photography world!

Hello, friends! I'm Savanna — Oregon native, sweet tooth fanatic, and love enthusiast.

After studying photography at BYU, I went to work as a university photographer. After quickly realizing I prefer to work with couples, I went full time as a wedding photographer and haven't looked back! When I'm not working with the most amazing couples, I love educating other photographers and helping them reach their goals.

I believe in joyful, timeless wedding photography.

I believe in marriages more than I believe in weddings.

I believe in genuine friendship with every bride and helping them along the way!

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Just a few little

fun facts


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I've been married to the most wonderful man for three years and I love being with him! You can typically find us hiking, eating yummy food, or taking last-minute road trips together.

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People used to laugh when they heard I was majoring in photography, but I can’t tell you how much my degree has helped me in the real world! The bulk of the photography education I have now comes from the amazing mentors I had in college. Not only did they give me all my technical knowledge and instill a desire to keep improving my craft, but they make a point to check in every few months to see what I’m learning and give tips on how to be better!

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If I couldn't be a photographer, I'd want to be a florist! I love any excuse to play with flowers and try to incorporate them into every shoot.


the clarity lane story:

a timeline



Met my future husband at an annual Thanksgiving dinner party with friends (spoiler - it takes us 20 years to reconnect and get married!)

1999 +

had my own arts and crafts drawer in the kitchen and colored on every wall in the house

2005 +

became way too practical and decided to pursue a job in math or science (and pushed aside my mad creative skills)

2009 +

bought my first camera to take pictures with friends backstage in our high school theater program

2010 +

posted way too many over-edited photos on facebook and became obsessed with macro shots of flowers and fences (who hasn’t been there!?)

2011 +

decided a career as a pharmacist might not be for me and added a studio art class between calculus and chemistry to reconnect with my creative side

2012 +

started college and made it into the photography program at BYU

2015 +

moved into the same apartment complex as my soon-to-be husband and realized our families were old-time friends

2016 +

sealed the deal with our wedding at the Payson Temple (the day after college finals, no less)

2018 +

graduated with a photography degree and accepted a job as a university photographer (and became involved with this awesome team called Clarity Lane)

2018 +

left my job at the university to work with the Clarity Lane girls full time

2019 +

purchased Clarity Lane from the team and added my hubby as second in command!
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