How to Be Present During Your Engagement

Finding yourself in full-force frantic wedding planning mode ever since he “popped” the question? Don’t sweat it! The first step towards returning to your zen self is to inhale and exhale. Trust us when we gently tell you that regardless of how many miles long your to-do list is, it will get done. Whether your engagement lasts three weeks or three years, there is time to plan it all (we promise that every woman who has planned a wedding will back us up on that). Calmer now? Great, we have a few more pointers that will help nudge you towards becoming your most present self during your engagement.

Remember What Matters

Keep in mind that your marriage matters more than your wedding day, so focus on the long term! You and your significant other were just promoted to the title of “fiance,” meaning you’re beginning to plan the rest of your lives together! There will be so many more exciting adventures for the two of you to embark on together outside of your wedding. So, although wedding planning will play a large part in your life for the next while, it won’t last forever. Just remember to let go, and enjoy the time you have with your fiance! Go out, and date each other as you did before the big proposal. And remember, there’s a big difference between talking about marriage and talking about wedding plans.  


One of the most crucial steps in wedding planning is writing a realistic ink..then sticking to it (Yes, we know it’s tempting, but don’t fall trap and let yourself go dress shopping until you’ve done this!). From here, list out everything you want at your wedding (be detailed)! Think: wedding and reception venue, number of bouquets/boutonnieres, food, dress, suit, centerpieces, etc. Now prioritize, and recreate your list in order of importance. Lastly, do some research and decide how much of your budget you are willing to devote to each item on your list. You may find yourself eliminating things from your list. That’s okay! This process is meant to help you recognize some of the small items that aren’t crucial to your big day. Remember, you don’t need a substantial budget to have a beautiful, memorable wedding.


Delegate, delegate, delegate. Delegating is the key to checking off some distance on your mile-long to-do list (especially if you don’t hire a wedding planner). The earlier you realize that you need assistance to execute your perfect wedding, the better. If you felt hesitant as you read that last sentence, don’t! There are people who would love to help. So allow your family and friends to help with some of the small details (think creating centerpieces, running errands, and setting up/taking down on the big day). They would be honored to contribute! And allow Pinterest to be your friend while wedding planning! Use it as an aid to show others exactly what you’re envisioning.

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