Vendor Spotlight: The Bridal Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah

Today we wanted to feature a vendor we love and trust — The Bridal Studio! The Bridal Studio carries modern styles for confident brides, and their aim is to empower women to celebrate their authentic selves with their bridal attire. How wonderful is that?!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the owner of The Bridal Studio, Bridget. We discussed some of the unique aspects of the client experience her boutique offers, and I can’t wait to share pieces of our conversation with you! I’ll highlight some bits of our discussion below. Reach out to with questions, or visit their website at!

About the owner.

Bridget has a bachelor’s degree in fashion design and a specialized background in wedding and evening gowns. She felt like her area in Utah was lacking a modern boutique for easy, comfortable brides, so she created The Bridal Shop to offer a luxurious and tailored experience to that specific type of clientele.

All of Bridget’s dress designs are exclusive to her store. She can’t wait to meet new brides and welcome them into the family!

Tips for your consultation and beyond.

One of Bridget’s top recommendations for brides is to do a little research on the style and shape of the dress you want before you come to your initial bridal consultation. However, she still suggests you come with an open mind beyond spotting a few favorites. “Bridal stylists are trained on how to flatter your shape, so trust them,” she says. “9 out of 10 brides leave with a different shape than they originally thought they wanted.” Who knew?!

“It’s okay to fall in love with the first dress you try on,” Bridget says. “Go with your instinct! You didn’t keep looking after you found the love of your life, so don’t keep looking after you find your dress!” Bridget suggests bringing no more than three people to your initial consultation, because the more opinions present in the room, the more difficult the process will be. She urges brides to be confident in their style, and to wear what feels right for them!

As far as dress length, your dress should be hemmed so that it kisses the floor. It’s imperative that you bring your wedding shoes with you to your fittings so that your dress can be properly tailored to the correct length. Bridget cautions that shoes matter and your comfort should come first! You don’t want to bank on heels and then take your shoes off during the reception to give your feet a rest, with the end result being a dress that drags all over the floor. Take these things into consideration during your fittings and consultation.

As a new bride herself, Bridget understands the wedding planning process and all that goes into your big day. She has an eye for design and a mind to understand what you need to wear to feel both comfortable and confident!

Fun fact: Bridget knew she’d be hiking to her mountain elopement, so she chose a wedding dress that was comfortable and wouldn’t wrinkle. And then, just for kicks and grins, she bought a second wedding dress simply so she could have two styles on her wedding day! You do you!

If you enjoyed this vendor spotlight, stay tuned for more highlighted wedding vendors from the Salt Lake City area!

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