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Professional wedding photographer offering education and resources for other wedding photographers in northern utah and the surrounding areas utah wedding photography professional photographer savanna with clarity lane

Hello there, I’m Savanna!

Photographer • educator • marriage enthusiast

I remember feeling so excited and inexperienced when I picked up a camera for the first time. How did it work? What did manual mean? How could I get good enough with this thing to actually start charging money? I’ve been there and I totally understand! That’s why I’m sharing all my tips and tricks with you - because building a business is hard! I chose to major in photography in college so I could use my Bachelors of Arts in the real world, and then I worked at two universities as a professional. All while learning and gathering skills so I could leave and become a wedding photographer full time. My formal education taught me the artistic rules, and my research and experience taught me the business skills! So rather than spending your time googling how to light a reception or what client management tools to use, tag along while I share with you everything I’ve learned from my college degree — and more!


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